#2: Go to McDonalds

Took me forever to post this. Sorry.

McDonalds. A classic for a 16 year-old boy, right?

Well, it is for Justin Bieber too.

Actually its really common to get a Biebs sighting after one of his concerts at a McDonalds. Don’t ask why, because we don’t know, but apparently Biebs has a thing for the Big Mac.

I have heard countless stories about girls going to McDonalds near/around the area he performed at that night and seeing the floppy-haired wonder himself swagger casually into a McD’s with his crew. And if you’re lucky - you will too.

So here’s what to do:

Justin’s performing in your town/near your town, or you’re in a town where Justin’s performing.

Before you go to the concert, or if you don’t have tickets make sure you know around the time the concert’s over, hop on your laptop and take walk thorugh Google Maps. Google Map the three closest or most likely McDonalds near an exit to the highway and then hop in the car and camp out at the greasy fast food place.

It’s not a guarantee, but it boosts your chances up by about 45%.

Good luck kiddos.

(Remember, he isn’t going to hit the road RIGHT after his performance, they have to wait for things to clear out first, so be patient. Patience is key.)

#1: After the concert.

You’ve just finished screaming your face off, singing like crazy, and dancing like a maniac.

That’s right, Justin Bieber’s concert. And now, you want to embark on the impossible mission - you want to meet him. Touch him. Hug him. Yes, you.

So, hopefully, you were smart and before the concert you scoped out where his tour bus is, right? Right.

Okay, so our first way to meet Justin Bieber, paying him a little visit after his concert. Yes, its possible, there’s proof. Here’s a little summary of one lucky girl’s story:

We went to meet my aunt parked behind the buses and while we went without security stopping us my sister was in shock pointing someone behind us. I turned my head around and it was JUSTIN BIEBER by himself. He was in his comfy clothes already. He was wearing his basketball shorts with a white tee and a hat, and he was holding a duffle bag. He was sneaking behind his bus so no one would see him, but I did! I didn’t have a camera anymore since it died. I called him “Justin!” and he stopped and looked back. He smiled so cute and waved at me and my cousin. Me and my cousin were going towards him, but the security person that was handling the drive way area said I couldn’t but Justin was like “No , let them come here, there my fans its ok” and he smiled. So we went over there, excited. But we weren’t really trying to make it obvious. He was like “Hey pretty ladies, I’m really tired right now and i gotta go soon” and i was like “Aww its okay, I would take a picture but my camera died and I got no pen for your autograph” and he was like “Awwww really? I’m sorry I’ll give you a big big hug. Will that work?” and me and my cousin nodded yes, happily :) and he was like “Wait, whats your guys names?” and i was like “Oh , I’m Schen!” and my cousin was like “Im, Bianca!” and he was like “Aww those are pretty names, and Hi, I’m Justin” and he smiled and we all laughed. He had to go and he said “I hope I see you guys the next time your in the Bay, bye!” and he smiled again and left. Me and my cousin just stood there for a good 2 minutes speechless and shock. It didn’t really matter if my camera died cause we actually talked with him. OMG, it was the best night ever! I realized just that night that I’ll Never give up on something that means alot to me.. cause it does get worst before it gets better. Always pray! God WILL hear you. I’ll never forget that night..EVER. Always follow your dreams , Justin is my inspiration<3.  @Schenyschen

So, ladies, that’s how its done. Scope it out and wait the wait, he has to come out of the arena eventually.

Until tomorrow, have fun lovin’ the babe.

Yeah, that’s you, Biebs.

A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.


Segways. Justin, they’re dangerous.

"I’m just a regular 16 year old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls.”

I’m sure all of you remember Justin Bieber’s segway incident that happened a few months ago.

Smooth move, JB.

A lot of lucky girls were there and benefited from Justin’s mistake - yeah, babe, stay with your body guard, Kenny.

So anyways, you wanna meet Jay Biebs, huh? Like really bad, so bad - that you’ll do almost anything…?

Well, just about everything except spend thousands of dollars? Yeah, that’s my problem - way to much moola to meet the ‘Lil Supahstarr.

So this is my blog, all about Justin. No one else, and I’ll give you 100+ ways to meet Justin Bieber. Even though all may not be serious, I’m sure they will send off a few sparks in your brain. And I know how crazy and wild you Bieber fans can be…

…And so does the rest of America.